Courtney Love mentions Cobra Starship


Courtney Love (“Skinny Little Bitch”, If you're looking to be Hollywood Fit like Courtney try some Old School Strength Training ; she was married to grunge legend Kurt Cobain of Nirvana) mentioned Cobra Starship again. During an Interview with she talked about Music (Videos) and somehow ended up mentioning Cobra Starship.

Music is a little different because I think music has a little more of a meritocracy now. Kids decided what’s big. It’s like Florence and the Machine can have the biggest media moment of all time, but Cobra Starship is still getting 48 million hits. Explain that. So it’s really hard to think in terms of like $5,000 videos, coming from the nineties as I do and thinking in terms of like $300,000 videos. You know what I mean? Downsizing it like that and having to come up with a really just—But it sorts out the men from the boys, and it also makes you smarter. It makes you more aware of what kids are listening to. I have to look at all these videos.

New Instagram: “My best friend has an alcohol problem.”


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Venus Williams’ favorite workout song is a Cobra Starship Remix


In an Interview with tennis star Venus Williams revealed her favorite workout song is Cobra Starships remix of “I Love it” by Icona Pop and Charli XCX.

Throwback Thursday: Cobra Starship Acoustic (2008)

     Throwback Thursday

Video Footage of Gabe at Roof on theWit

     Nightlife Video

Gabe and his friend Jeffrey Tonnesen had a DJ Set on ROOF on theWit in Chicago earlier this month (Aug 3). Check out the party video ROOF on theWit has just uploaded.

And Peta2′s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities Are…


Jay McGuiness and Zendaya Crowned

NO Gabe Saporta. Sadly. He won for the first time in 2010. Let’s hope he’s nominated next year, so we can hit the vote button for Gabe again.

Huffington Post: Bands Who Formed In College


Before Cobra Starship was formed, singer Gabe Saporta was the bassist for Midtown, a group consisting of students from Rutgers University. After Midtown’s end, Saporta started Cobra Starship, recruiting people he’d met through his days in Midtown.

Victoria Jane Asher, the keytarist for Cobra Starship, studied film at New York University.

What’s your story?

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Well, I am looking for Fans that have an unique story on how they became a Cobra Starship Fan. Your story will be a part of the Birthday Project for Gabes 34th Birthday in October this year. Don’t worry your story won’t be published online! If you like to share your story with Gabe leave a comment on the Birthday Project post on Gabelicious. Don’t forget to leave a “What I love about Gabe” comment for the Project, but a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ counts too ;)

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