• “People may not always remember what it is you said, but they'll always remember how you made them feel”
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    5 Jan 2013

    Fetherston also likes food. She and her boyfriend, Gabe Saporta—the front man for the band Cobra Starship—frequently cook together. “I put him on omelet duty,” says Fetherston. “That’s the test of a great chef, right? He makes a mean omelet. So he passed my chef test.” Neither Fetherston nor Saporta eat meat.

    Source: Food and Wine

    31 Dec 2012
    Jessy | News | 0 comment

    These are my Top 5 moments of 2012. What are yours?


    It got confirmed on April that Gabe is going to be on his favorite TV-show ‘Gossip Girl’. A few weeks later (in May) we all could finally enjoy Gabe as ‘Zeke’ on the Finale of Gossip Girl season 5.

    Check out #2 – #5 after the jump (more…)

    16 Dec 2012

    “We’re sure the guys from Cobra Starship are really nice, but their behaviour in ‘Middle Finger’ makes us think otherwise. The guys run through quite the list of things that make people want flip the bird at you, which include throwing away a kid’s basketball and not fully helping an old lady across the street.”

    Source: MuchMusic

    15 Dec 2012

    Only a few days left til Christmas and ‘Fashionista’ asked various designer to share vintage holiday photos and answer a few questions about christmas. They’ve asked Gabes girlfriend Erin Fetherston and she answered the question “What’s the most memorable gift you’ve ever been given?” with

    “My boyfriend gave me a vintage Cartier watch last year. That was really special.”

    Source: Fashionista

    14 Dec 2012

    Erin Fetherston and her mom Barbara had a dinner with Fashionista and of course they had to talk about Gabe. Check out the teaser below (Erins mom is talking about Gabe!) and I hope the full dinner (plus more Gabe talking) will be up soon.

    5 Dec 2012
    Jessy | News , Twitter | 0 comment

    4 Dec 2012
    Jessy | News | 0 comment

    Two months ago a rumour came up that Nicki Minajs ‘Starships’ was original written for Cobra Starship. Now the original version of ‘Starships’ came out. Can you imagine Gabe singing it?

    1 Dec 2012

    Want to win a ‘Yo! Cobra Starship’ zip-up hoodie, a copy of the album Night Shades and a huge Night Shades poster autographed by the band? Check out the Fueled By Ramen blog for more Information about how you can win all that great stuff. Good Luck :)

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