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    Gabe Saporta made UltimateGabeSaporta his official Fansite on March 30, 2012. All Photos are copyrighted to their respectful Owners.



    Well I know that more Pics from the Expo will be uploaded the next few weeks, but I don’t know if there will be more Pics of Gabe… anyhow here are the first two of Gabe at the “Promo Only Summer Sessions” (DJ Expo) on Aug 14 in Atlantic City (NJ).



    The video is from the “DJ Expo” Gabe attended on Aug 14 in Atlantic City.

    Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship kicks off DJNN’s coverage of the 2012 Promo Only Summer Session Showcase. Includes clips from performances by Shannon, Breathe Carolina, Kat Graham, Outasight, Afrojack’s Eva Simons, Taylor Dayne and Sean Paul.



    Cobra Starship (well actually ‘only’ Gabe, Vicky and Alex) had a DJ set at the Slide Nightclub in San Francisco last Saturday (Aug 11). Photos by World Town.
    To enjoy the full size Photos, check the Gallery.

    >>> Gallery Link: (+018) Nightlife > 2012 > Slide SF



    Cobra Starship had a DJ set at Ditch Fridays in Las Vegas on Friday Aug 3.



    Cobra Starship had a DJ Set at the Splash Downtown Nightclub in Sacramento last Friday (Aug 10). Photos are courtesy of 916PiX.

    >>> Gallery Link: (+062) Nightlife > 2012 > Splash Downtown



    Gabe and Vicky went to the Palms Hotel and Casino for a performance at “Ditch Fridays” yesterday in Las Vegas.

    >>> Gallery Link: (+013) Events & Appearances > 2012 > Ditch Fridays



    Cobra Starship had a DJ Set at the Bartini’s in Indianapolis (IN) yesterday.

    >>> Gallery Link: (+012) Nightlife > 2012 > Bartini’s

    Photos by RadioNOW 100.9



    Gabe has spend 2 days in Cannes (France) this week. On Wednesday (July 18) he had a DJ Set with his friend Jeffrey Tonnesen and the Band Far East Movement in the Cannes’ Nightclub “Palais Club”. I’ve already posted 2 Instagram Pictures from the performance and here are 4 professional Photos.
    To enjoy their full size check the Gallery.

    >>> Gallery Link: (+004) Nightlife > 2012 > Palais Club



    Gabe, his friend Jeffrey Tonnesen and the Band Cataracs performed at the Intervention on June 10. Check out the video with a message from Gabe and scenes from the party.



    Gabe performed at Hard Rock’s “Intervention” in San Diego on June 10, with his friend Jeffrey Tonnesen as DJ.

    >>> Gallery Link: (+045) Intervention

    Some Photos are © DJ Here Production



    Gabe performed at the PURE Nightclub in Las Vegas last Friday (May 25). I’ve added a few more Photos, credit for them goes to the PURE Nightclub.

    >>> Gallery Link: (+007) PURE Nightclub



    On Friday night, Pure Nightclub kicked off the highly anticipated Memorial Day weekend with a special live performance by Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship.

    Guests were in for a real treat as the lead singer entered the nightclub along with band members Victoria Asher, Alex Suarez and Ryland Blackinton and prepared to shoot a music video for the bands newest single “#1 Nite.” Joined by a gorgeous entourage of 20, the group took over the main stage and settled into their VIP booth.

    Around 1:30 a.m., the singer got on the mic and welcomed partygoers to Pure. As cameras cued to shoot, Saporta began his performance with the hit “Good Girls Go Bad” accompanied by key artist and vocalist Asher. The energy of the crowed soared as the duo jumped and danced around on stage.

    Leading into the second song “#1 Nite,” Saporta welcomed the featured artist Kay to the stage. The adorable blonde hopped on the mic and joined Saporta as they showcased their new single for the nightclub. The duet was a sight to see as their flirtatious energy filled the room while dancing around one another. The couple surprised the audience as they ran into the middle of the dance floor and made the reveling guests a part of the music video.

    Saporta and Asher closed the performance with “You Make Me Feel.” The singing heartthrob had the entire club on their feet and singing along as he reached the mic out to the audience giving them the opportunity to show off their singing skills. “Thank you, Vegas!” Saporta shouted as he ran up and down the stage giving high fives to his admiring fans.

    The band and their entourage spent their evening celebrating a successful video shoot and performance as they drank and danced into the early hours of the morning.

    >>> Gallery Link: (+003) PURE Nightclub

    Source: Haute Living

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    First released in July 2011 '#1Nite' (produced by One Republic's Ryan Tedder) has been changed into a 'duet' with the canadian singer My Name Is Kay and was re-released in May 2012. #1Nite is a catchy dance song, ready to make you rock the floor.
    #1Nite - feat. My Name Is Kay
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    » Outasight feat. Gabe Saporta
    » Title: unknown
    » Album: Outasight -'Nights Like These'
    » Release: November 27, 2012

    » Eve feat. Gabe Saporta
    » Title: “Make It Out Of This Town”
    » Album: Eve - 'Lip Lock'
    » Release: rumoured February 2013
    Friday, November 16 - Austin, TX @ “COTA Club” in the Austin Convention Center
    “People may not always remember what it is you said, but they'll always remember how you made them feel”
    It's finally back! The official Cobra Starship Fanclub "Cobra Crew" was re-launched in July 2012 and this time it's free! Get in touch with hundreds of Cobra Starship Fans, in the exclusive new Club. Send me a message through the contact form and I'll send you an Invitation!