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    » Webmiss: Jessy
    » Launched: April 2010
    » Contact: here
    » Designed By: Gord Milward
    Gabe Saporta made UltimateGabeSaporta his official Fansite on March 30, 2012. All Photos are copyrighted to their respectful Owners.

    About UGS

    Information about the Webmiss
    Name: Jessy
    Age: 21
    Lives in Germany
    Favorite Midtown Album: Forget What You Know
    Favorite Cobra Starship Album: Viva La Cobra
    Times I met Gabe: 2
    Twitter: @jessymisery
    Check out Gabe’s tweet about me here

    Site History
    It all started with a mySpace account named ‘Gabelicious’ back in June or July 2009. After a few weeks I changed the name to ‘Hey Mr DJ’ and in January 2010 to ‘Hey Mr DJ – Ultimate Gabe Saporta’. In February 2010 the account counted over 21.000 friends, but mySpace started to change. So I decided to move my Fansite to the WWW. I’ve made a subdomain at the end of March 2010 and named it ‘heymrdj.so-pink.org’, but a few days later I decided to move to a real host. On April 22, 2010 I’ve bought ultimategabesaporta.org and started working on the site immediately and the site got online just one day later! And here I am ;)

    Important Dates for UGS
    April 23, 2010 – UGS started ‘officially’
    March 18, 2011 – Gabe left nice words about UGS on a Twitter DM for the first time
    October 9, 2011 – Gabe approved UGS via Twitter
    March 8, 2012 – Gabe started following the UGS Twitter Profile
    March 30, 2012 – Gabe made UGS his official Fansite

    Thank You…
    Gabriel Eduardo Saporta: THANK YOU FOR MAKING MUSIC! THANK YOU FOR BEING JUST WHO YOU ARE! Thank you for being a part of my life and the ‘motivation’ you gave me. I love you and I love to support you! Please never stop. xoxo
    To all of you: Thank you. This site would be nothing without your love and support for Gabe!
    Aimee: Thank you for teaching me how to make a website. I wouldn’t have this site without your help!
    Alex: Thank you for install WordPress, Coppermine and for helping / listening to me whenever I have a problem.
    Blair: Thank you for upgrading my Gallery.
    Annie: Thank you for the Tumblr support!
    Cobra Crew EU: You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for your support and everything else you guys have done (and will do?) for me!
    Mariana: How can I thank you? You did something unbelievable for me! Thank you so much for this Video (Welcome video)!!!! Just thank you!

    “Awards” the Site has received

    Special Gifts

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    Voto Latino is trying to get young american Latinos to register to vote, they say "we control our future through the power of our vote". Do it like our favorite Latino Gabe and go to the poll! Election Day is November 6, 2012.
    First released in July 2011 '#1Nite' (produced by One Republic's Ryan Tedder) has been changed into a 'duet' with the canadian singer My Name Is Kay and was re-released in May 2012. #1Nite is a catchy dance song, ready to make you rock the floor.
    #1Nite - feat. My Name Is Kay
    buy it now on iTunes or Amazon
    Get the 4th Cobra Starship Album Night Shades (released on August 29, 2011) with 10 songs, including "You Make Me Feel", "Middle Finger" and "#1Nite" now. Love remixes? Get the Deluxe Version with 4 Bonus Tracks.
    Buy the regular version or the deluxe version on iTunes.
    » Outasight feat. Gabe Saporta
    » Title: unknown
    » Album: Outasight -'Nights Like These'
    » Release: November 19, 2012

    » Eve feat. Gabe Saporta
    » Title: “Make It Out Of This Town”
    » Album: Eve - 'Lip Lock'
    » Release: rumoured February 2013
    Friday, November 16 - Austin, TX @ “COTA Club” in the Austin Convention Center
    “People may not always remember what it is you said, but they'll always remember how you made them feel”
    It's finally back! The official Cobra Starship Fanclub "Cobra Crew" was re-launched in July 2012 and this time it's free! Get in touch with hundreds of Cobra Starship Fans, in the exclusive new Club. Send me a message through the contact form and I'll send you an Invitation!